Opinion: Designing a 'Single Server' MMORPG

In this Gamasutra piece, designer and Divide by Zero Games founder James Portnow looks at design approaches to unsharding MMOs to create more immersive worlds.

James Portnow @ Gamasutra: "We won't be able to provide meaningful stories in MMOs until we can allow the players to affect the world they play in. Currently, this is impossible because of the nature of "shards", "mirrored worlds", or, as they are best known, "servers" (though this last term is somewhat inaccurate).

The reason for this is: If players on Server A can make choices that differ from those made by players on Server B and those choices actually impact the game world, on the development side you soon end up with a fracturing storyline and so much content to develop that you'll be fast on your way to learning a lot about bankruptcy court."

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