Sony: "We haven't announced the [inFamous/R&C Quest for Booty] bundles yet"

PSU Writes:

"As promised, here's the official word from Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE): "We haven't announced any of those bundles I'm afraid. I can't comment on the other territories either."

This is in response to the inFamous and Ratchet and Clank Quest for Booty 80GB European PS3 bundles revealed earlier today.

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Sonyslave33816d ago

i was waiting on sony to announce infamous bundles now this game going to sell atleast 2million with easy.

Jpinter3816d ago

I wonder if the bundles will come to other territories. It would be cool to get the inFamous one here in the US.

Christopher3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

First, I love my PS3, I have inFamous pre-ordered, and I think it's going to be a great game.

But, I don't think it will reach 2 million before 6 months, if even that. It's not an FPS, there is no multiplayer option, it's not advertised very well in North America outside of gaming sites/shows, and it's on the PS3 which is weakest worldwide.

I think going with a bundle isn't going to do much _unless_ they do it so that the game comes with the PS3 at the usual price ($399). Otherwise, I don't see this at all pushing console sales.

We really need to see a price drop, preferably $100, or some really good bundle deals in order to push console sales. Just one new game isn't going to do it, not even God of War 3 will do it, IMHO.

P.S. I would LOVE to be proven WRONG.

Alcon3816d ago

The Q4B bundle is allready announced on my gaming stores website lol
inFamous not but Q4B bundle was announced for a long time. So for me there is no doubt Q4B bundle will come out in Europe. Although if I had to choose I would pick the inFamous bundle (isn't QB a very shot game?)

joydestroy3816d ago

if the inFamous one comes to the US, i'll be picking up my second PS3 finally. this game is going to sell decently.

Rainstorm813816d ago

i think it will do 2 mil maybe not in 6 mos but 2 mil nonetheless. Look at Uncharted that was bundled well over 2 mil (not sure how long it took)

But is it me or is Sony being very systematic? First they took back their Home turf (for the past 10 weeks im sure it will continue) Now they are turning to Europe with their countless bundles, Killzone 2 is favored more in the UK, they just need more PSN/Home support. Whats Next when and if they take Europe. Their toughest fight they will save for last with US. The failed launch made them resort to this tactic.

Just look at the auto industry. America's car quality started to go down...then Toyota became the number 1 car company in the US.

Apply the same template to the videogame indutry.

Christopher3816d ago

Yeah, I think it will reach 2 mil at some point, the question is how fast, though. I have seen that PS3 sales have had a very long period of growth unlike the 360 which usually has a huge spike at first and a very quick decline. LittleBigPlanet is an example of steady growth over a long period for the PS3.

kwicksandz3816d ago

SCEE up to their usual idiocy. FIX PAL PSN you dolts

FamilyGuy3816d ago

I think this game will hit 2 mil pretty fast. It doesn't have mixed reviews/preview. Everyone that plays it generally likes it. In comparison to KZ2 which some people outright hated or hated the controls or hated slow feeling of the characters this game has NO major draw backs.

I believe this to be one of those games that sells well based on word of mouth alone. You only need a demo kiosk playing the game at any electronics store for it to sell itself.

No marketing needed, over 2 mil sold in less than 6 months is my prediction. I also expect a spike in hardware sales because of this game. It's not just this one game, people without PS3s will see it or hear about it or play the demo at walmart, target, gamestop ect. and then think about what else is also only on the PS3 and it WILL inspire many to pick one up.

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jay23816d ago

I give it till Friday till it's official.

News4fanboys3816d ago

yeah,the game plus the systam is to Badass to pass up.. even though i have a ps3 allready i really want to get this just for inFAMOUS and the damn kickass cover art.

jcpiebald3816d ago

umm... or you could just buy the game. I mean, how much fun is a box, really?

Ninver3816d ago

@ N4Fboys

Talk about hardcore lol. Matter of fact i need to make me a MGS card box to sneak into my hot next door neighbors room.

Alcon3816d ago

lmao I really hope you are successful with your MGS card box!
I it works try sell it on ebay! You'll make a fortune!

Bubble to you for making me laugh ;)

free3sixty3816d ago

So must bundle every game to sell their exclusives:P

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