Enchanted Arms screenshots to scoff at?


Let's not deny it -- Sony's last two consoles have been great mediums for the role-playing enthusiasts. Has been for this guy. Anyway, one of the few traditional JRPG's to grace the XBox 360, Enchanted Arms, has been ported over to the PS3... or... it's still in the process of being so ported. Honestly... not too excited about it. Perhaps a rental. Just to get an RPG that's not PS2-i-fied.

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eques judicii4752d ago

looks worse than the 360 version... which looked really bad... i have this game and have enjoyed it (although still haven't beaten it) but graphically very weak..

kewlkat0074751d ago

I liked it...Ya see I don't compare it to FF like everyone else, so I was able to enjoy it. Maybe 2 will be better if they make it...ya gotta start somewhere

Ps30074751d ago

Well not fine as in wow, but normal for this class of game... People need to stop looking at the ground and pay attention to the game. Thats my opinion...

Bebedora4750d ago

on my PS3 so the port is done already for us in europe at least.

It's a fine game. Good battle system and great characters to follow. If you like JRPGs this will give you your FF-fix you so sorely need.