Downie: "Guerrilla Games is working on "most beautiful" DLC ever"

ROTTERDAM - It's now been 2 months since we for the first time could enter the battle of Killzone 2. On Queensday (30th April) Guerrilla Games brought a new package called "Steel & Titanium, which added new multiplayer maps.

But there's more! Our observant eyes have noticed that Sebastian Downie is looking for new testers for Guerrilla Games. We asked ourself where it would be. New Killzone 2 DLC? Killzone 3?

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Ninver3810d ago

Much respect to GG honestly. They just keep giving. I hope this DLC is remakes of the killzone1 maps.

Chubear3810d ago

If it's SP campaign extension or side mission with MP maps - I'M IN!... Whatever the hell it is - I'M IN!!!!!!!!!

FlameBaitGod3810d ago

lol u got 3 disagrees, good to say a lot of support for this game

bigboss9113810d ago

so you people dont like dlc?
@ flamebaitgod, you know im begining to wonder if there really is any people on here that love games anymore. At least give some reasons for disagreeing you cowards.
@ necroplasm, no im not. And I have still not heard a HELL YEAH. lol

Kleptic3810d ago

its most likely the Vekta maps; remakes from killzone 1...which was on a different planet, of which was far more Earth like...

so expect the second map pack to have a much different art style to what we have seen so far...

although I would rather have something else than another map pack next...the idea of seeing the most beautiful multiplayer renderer ever created so far putting up stuff completely different than what we have seen it do already...would be completely awesome...

nightelfmohawk3810d ago

hellllllllllll yeeeeeeeeeeeeah!!

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ukilnme3810d ago

I hope this is single player DLC.

raztad3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I hope too. Now that I think about it, KZ3 is very far away, and it would be extremely nice (for us KZ2 owners and SP mostly lovers) to get some expansions of the main story, or some story-spinoff, Ricco's perhaps? LOL. Something in the lines of R&C:Quest for Boty (3 hours length). That would increase KZ2's appeal in the long term.

MUNKYPOO3810d ago

i swear the month before e3 is when everything starts to move in slow motion.

artgamer3810d ago

hehe yeah I know what you mean :)

s8anicslayer3810d ago

I wish we get co-op, that would be nice!

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The story is too old to be commented.