Nintendo says Cave Story, Icarian, more WiiWare games on the way

Gamers may not remember today's occasion, but it's actually the one year anniversary of WiiWare. In honor of this event, the company has revealed a list of games that are expected to release in the coming weeks.

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phantomexe3808d ago

I most say wiiware has been great,we do see some bad wiiware games but we also see some great ones.I take a look at the overall great games vii download and the 360/ps3 just hasn't got it not like wiiware does.I own a ps3 and 360 and nothing gets me going like cheking to see what's new on all 3 systems.The wii however it's like me and my friends have to know what came out weather we are at work or where ever were calling are old ladys to have them take a look just because we can't wait to find out.We are like kids.Anyone else here feel the same?

Smacktard3808d ago

I think you can tell Nintendo's pumped about the upcoming titles. They didn't list any of the crappy shovelware titles bound to be coming -- and you know they will be coming more often than not. I'm looking forward to Cave Story and Super Meat Boy, although I'm a bit wary of the Icarian game.