Resident Evil 5 Review From That Aussie Game Site

Mick from That Aussie Game Site writes: "Resident Evil is a massive franchise for Capcom, spawning around twenty games and a slew movies including a live-action trilogy starring the lovely Milla Jovovich. Beginning its long career as a strict survival horror title, 2005 saw the Resident Evil franchise evolve into the brilliant and critically acclaimed Resident Evil 4 that took the series from survival horror to survival action horror.

This time around Capcom chose not to reinvent the wheel and it's quickly obvious that Resident Evil 5 is Resident Evil 4 with a flash new coat of paint and a story continuation worthy of its predecessors. This is a good thing for fans of the previous game, but it's fair to say that some elements of Resident Evil should've been left in the past."

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thataussiegamesite3798d ago

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