New Studio, New PSN And PS3 Games

Nofi from TheSixthAxis writes: "Cohort Studios, a Dundee-based developer of Sony software (Go! Puzzle, Buzz! Junior: Dino Den and Buzz! Junior: Ace Racers) has just announced that they now have a string of exclusive and as-yet unnamed titles in development for release on Playstation 3 throughout the year. One of them, a PSN title, has been approved for release and the team are awaiting a date and publisher details. The second, their main project, will be an original PS3 title and will receive its announcement and first showing at E3 this year."

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TOO PAWNED3809d ago

Probably some casual game....not bad but not for me.

Christopher3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Yeah. I haven't played any of their games, and if they continue along the route they've been on it's unlikely I ever will. I'm guessing the PS3 release will be another Buzz! game.

Gambit073808d ago

According to this, they are working on an exclusive PS3 title to be revealed at E3.

xaviertooth3808d ago

and the ps3 exclusives keep on pouring... where's the 360 exclusives?

TOO PAWNED3808d ago

Just wait until E3, then wait until next E3, then until next E3, just wait!

Chubear3808d ago

what sweet irony how the tables have turned in just 1yr. XD lol

Berserk13808d ago

Come on sony my wallet can not take it any more‎‏.‏

Berserk13808d ago

1-Buzz!™ Junior: RoboJam-PSN.

We have recently completed the conversion of 5 mini-games from Buzz!™ Junior: RoboJam onto the PlayStation 3 platform which will be released via the PlayStation Network distribution platform. The project consisted of taking the original mini-games created by Magenta, re-creating the visual assets to bring them up to the quality levels associated with PlayStation 3 and ensuring that everything worked withoin our own Praetorian™ technology.
The project is due for release via the PlayStation Store shortly - as soon as we know a date we will pass it on!

2-production x

At this moment in time we are working on a Blu-Ray title for a major publisher which we are extremely excited about. We are unable to tell you what this title is, but we hope that it will be announced shortly.


siberiantiger283808d ago

This is what I love about,games,games.Its the reason why they dominated the console market over the last 12 years or so. Nay sayers and haters can say what they want, but there is only 1 manufacturer who gives its full support to its devs. They have taken their time to get their ass into gear this gen but they are on a roll now or so it seems.

TheTwelve3808d ago

They haven't taken their time...the 360 just made it look that way cuz it came out a year ahead.


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The story is too old to be commented.