Forza Motorsport 3 confirmed

Yesterday, were asking Audi Germany, if the Audi R8 (previously announced for Grand Turismo 5) will also be playable in Forza Motorsport 3. Eventually you can drive the Audi R8 in Forza Motorsport 3.

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JokesOnYou3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

I dont really see the confirmation, but we all know its going to happen sooner or later....I just pray to the Racing Gods that its sooner rather than later because Forza2 was my favorite racer this gen, I haven't used my wireless pro wheel in awhile but Forza3 would definitely change that whenever it hits.


Perjoss3809d ago

hehe look at the disagrees :)

can't wait for forza3, number 2 struck a perfect balance between fun and simulation and gave you many options to lean in either direction, it had mediocre graphics but the best racing gameplay to date, bring it.

s8anicslayer3809d ago

I enjoyed Forza 2 as much as I have enjoyed Gran Turismo 4, I can't wait to play Forza 3

SuperM3809d ago

This is stupid, this isnt even a confirmation. Not newsworthy at all, we already know forza 3 is coming.

3809d ago
SL1M DADDY3809d ago

If there was no Forza, MS would have nothing to even compete with GT. It's simple logic. Although Forza is not as big a seller as GT, it is a good game. I did find the first more fun for me than the second but hopefully the third makes everything right this time around.

3809d ago
JOLLY13809d ago

True Racing Sim? I wonder what game you are talking about. I know it can't be gt. Their tag line is true driving sim.

cherrypie3809d ago

> Although Forza is not as big a seller as GT

Care to put some money on that? I'd wager FM3 outsells GT5.

Forza 2 - 3.9M

GT4 (with about 4x the install) - 9.6M

With PS3 at about 20M install, and Xbox 360 30M what do you think the sales will be?

I'd be willing to bet that FM3 is the biggest selling racing game of 2009 *and* 2010 (when GT5 is released).

Ven10003809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

You say Forza 2 has sold 3.9m but you also forget that Gran Turismo 5 PROLOGUE has sold over 3 million. That's with a MUCH smaller userbase than 360 and it's not even the full game.

Minimox163809d ago

hahahahahahahahha lol.....

FamilyGuy3809d ago

Foolish to think that. Gran Turismo is an obvious system seller and as the user above me stated even the prologue sold 3 mil. You want to talk sales but in this case you're just wrong.

Case in point, the 3 mil who bought the prologue are probably big enough racing fans that %100 of them will buy the the official/full game release. Add that to the many people like me who skipped it and are patiently waiting for the real deal and you got a huge following.

Forza 3 will no doubt be a great game but if sales are your interest you might want to look away from comparing these two titles once released.

shawnsl653809d ago

u forget cherry, there're lots of ps2/xbox360 owners waiting for GT5/FFXIII&vXIII to come out before they make their leap.

On topic. Was looking for a release date in the article, but I guess I can't find it. F3 and GT5 might be released within the same time frame. It's gonna be a good time for racing fans.

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Sonyslave33809d ago

sweet Forza 3 defiantly on my must own list.

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MrTruth3809d ago

Keep it going baby:)

3809d ago