CVG: Burnout 5 Interview

After numerous instalments of the game the British School of Motoring (BSM) refuses to endorse, Criterion Games is preparing an altogether new beast for the next generation.

At a swanky London club, hired out by EA so its development gurus could preach the good word of the next-gen, CVG recently caught up with director of design at Criterion Games, Alex Ward.

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techie4316d ago

Crashes with bendy cars. i like.

benny o klaatt4316d ago

burnout revenge was the first game i played online, loved it to death and reached into the top 200 in ranked matches.

RIP my dead xbox

Pathetic N4G Website4316d ago

Peter Molyneux could learn a thing or two from Alex Ward. Everytime I read an interview with the bloke he says a lot but never seems to reveal much !

(Except for the Camera feature in this particular case of course)

f3hunter4316d ago

Another Burnout? They should stop this. Getting boring. zzz