BlizzCon 'Marine Murloc' Revealed

Blizzard has revealed the special gift that attendees to the upcoming BlizzCon event will receive.

Last year, fans were treated to a special WoW BlizzCon bear mount, and this year is certainly no let-down. In a not-so-subtle nod to the upcoming StarCraft II, all BlizzCon attendees and those viewing the event over Direct TV will receive a WoW in-game pet; Grunty the murloc marine.

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Medievaldragon3807d ago

nice, another for my collection pets moohaha

Maticus3807d ago

I collect pets in WoW - this will so nice to have, especially in Europe where attendees will be rare :)

Malfurion3807d ago

Expect to see these on Ebay for about $200 shortly after BlizzCon :P

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