Resurrecting E3

"Things have been looking grim for the renowned video games convention these past few years. E3 organizers should learn from other conventions like PAX and Leipzig. They must take note of all prior complaints in planning this year's convention. If they hope to resurrect their former stature, there has to be greater care put into tailoring the convention to meet both industry and public satisfaction. One of the most important decisions made this year was to open up the convention to the public."

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theKiller3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

women in the west and western effected societies r promoted as [email protected] objects!!!! i hope the women and the men r proud of it!!! just think of this women in the picture was ur mom or ur sister how will u feel???

why in the world would half naked women will be in a gaming place like E3?? people go there for video games not women!!!!!

news4noobs3806d ago

if those two would be my mother and sister, I'd be very happy!

but yeah you are right it's about games and MS further stomping fony into the ground:

Splinter Cell Conviction
Halo 3: ODST
Alan Wake
Lost Planet 2 Assassins Creed 2, Bioshock 2,
new DLC Grand Theft Auto IV
„Richter“ (new Lionhead project)
Fluid (new motion control camera)
Metal Gear Solid 4 + Oxide (360 exclusive, ouch fony girls OUCH!!!)

AssassinHD3806d ago

The models in the picture aren't complaining, so why are you?

LightofDarkness3806d ago

You know, many women find it empowering that they can do such things. They enjoy the fact that they are admired for being beautiful. Don't try to impress your chauvinistic values onto these people, thinking these poor, defenceless women have been lulled into some morally degrading lifestyle for the pleasures of us filthy, manipulative "infidels." They often enjoy a well off and pleasant life outside of their profession and are not as dumb as you seem to think they are. Why don't you try examining the disgusting treatment of women as second class citizens in many eastern cultures before you start mouthing off next time.

JeffGUNZ3806d ago

Pretty sure those women put those clothes on willingly. They are hot, why wouldn't they want to show off their bodies that they have worked hard on to obtain? If your mother looked like that, well then, you'd be my new son.

theKiller3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

i know the women r being half naked willingly for some cash, so basically they sold their souls for money, they r money slaves, they have no morals and no respect and no dignity!! maybe they r more intelligent in real life(i doubt it, i met many of these women in my life) but they r making men think of women as [email protected] objects and not as a human being!!!!! am actually defending women here!!! u know guys, this is called social engineering, they try to make us sex/women maniacs with all these [email protected] naked/half naked women on magazines/TV shows/internet etc!!


if that was my mom i would not live or talk with my mom, and if she was my sister she will get many slaps from me!!!!

and i was saying how will u feel if someone look at ur mom or sis that way, if ur sis is like that then probably u r experiencing this everyday, so how do u feel about it? or u cant share ur thougts of it?? too embracing to talk how men look at ur sis or mom right?? thats my point!!

these days its hard to find real men who have jealousy over their women!!! only sissies men can be found everywhere!


"Why don't you try examining the disgusting treatment of women as second class citizens in many eastern cultures before you start mouthing off next time."

disgusting is the women who covers her self and behave respectfully and not the [email protected]/ungly woman who is half naked and u can see the blue vains in her legs and their breasts reaching their belly buttons?? or u call the women who is virgin to her husband is disgusting and not the women who had 10-50 men banging her through her life then when she is ugly/old she marries some old drunker who doesnt give a damn about his children???

next time learn the "the eastern societies" and u will see u were wrong. and please dont even mention saudi arabia or afghanistan!! both r ruled by corrupted governments who is supported by the west!!!
maybe u should visit china or egypt or dubai, and u will learn more.

swingingape3806d ago

Ladies added to the appeal of E3

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Phantom_T3806d ago

Next time you see an attractive woman on the street or on a bus or wherever.
Just think to yourself..."what if that was my mum or sister"
Doesn't work like that,does it?