Resident Evil: Archives EU Box Art Revealed

Capcom have today revealed the box art for their upcoming remake of Resident Evil called Resident Evil: Archives, which is said to be out at some point in June, 2009.

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Selyah3811d ago

Kinda interested to see how well this does when it's finally released.

mephman3811d ago

I kinda hope it does badly, so Capcom think twice before remaking a game that's already been remade.

Nederob3811d ago

How can this be news? This boxart was released during Capcom Captivate at least a week ago.

mephman3811d ago

That was the North American one, not the European one.

jay23811d ago

Yeah, what's the obsession with RE 1 re-makes?.........

raiden_933811d ago

Some of the info in that article is bogus.
It isn't going to be a remake of the remake, it's a port with Wii controls. I'm pretty sure the 10 endings mentioned were all in the GC original.

Also that box art is terrible...