Heavy Rain: The Origami Killer Preview

The team at Paris-based developer Quantic Dream has been responsible for such hits as Omikron: The Nomad Soul and critically acclaimed but financially panned Indigo Prophecy. If anything, this dev team seems to have their focus squarely aimed at recreating cinematic experiences within gaming.

Checkout this latest preview to get more info related to heavy rain as E3 approaches near.

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Raoh3810d ago

this is actually the game that is on the top of my list. yes even more so than GoW3 and modern warfare 2 and uncharted 2..

if you've played indigo prophecy you know why, its a seldom played experience.

GameGambits3810d ago

I hated Indigo Prophecy. I could spend a whole day bashing the game as to why its NOT good.

Gameplay is 3 mini games that are all super dumb and super simple. (L and R pulls, Simon Says, and hit the right stick)

Game is short. 7 hours short. It needed to be way longer to flesh out the characters, make the story more organic and not forced. I mean it literally craps on you at hour 5-6 with all this information at once that isn't even that fleshed out.

Useless characters. Tyler himself is 100% pointless to the plot in any way. Even Jade the Indigo child felt like a completely pointless character since she's so damn mute in every way.

Story "action" scenes are all covered up by the Simon Says mini games that you never get to step back and enjoy it. It just makes for a passive entertainment experience. It would've just been better to have boss fights like with the Angels in the church where you have to use powers in an intelligent manner. Or save it for a cut scene.

The game was boring. It started off clever, then goes down the road to just rip off The Matrix with bullet time. Kane's powers also are idiotic. Also why does both the purple and orange clan at the end send in a total of like 4 people to stop the guy who has the kid they've wanted for 2000+ years? I mean you'd think if the orange clan controls so much in the world they'd oh I don't know, ACTUALLY SEND MORE THAN 1 dude and 3 snipers...

I'll stfu and needless to say Heavy Rain is the most over hyped crap since Alan Wake. David Cage is a bald headed dbag and people who are excited for a mediocre game need to take a dose of reality and really think about Indigo for more than 3 seconds as to WHY its a BAD game.(Would've been better off as just a B rated Movie)

scheme_a3809d ago

I don't mind the simon says as long as the story doesn't end up being matrix knock off crap like Indigo Prophecy.
I think of their game as more like interactive movie anyway.

What pissed me off in IP was that "everything you do has consequences" premise. That was bullshit. Only part that reflected the concept was the beginning.
If they kept the concept and the storyline of that beginning and made it a kind of fugitive type thriller, that would have been brilliant.

I sincerely hope Heavy Rain will stay with that reality-grounded tone.

Shaka2K63809d ago

Can't wait for E3 2009, Sony is gonna own this show yet again.