World Of Warcraft, Playstation 2 Continue Most Played Gaming Trend

Nielsen Games released its March 2009 data for top console usage and PC game titles with Playstation 2 and the role-playing game World Of Warcraft again topping their respective lists.

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Christopher3810d ago

That crappy Dark Messiah game is #3 for most played online game? Something is definitely wrong with the world.

yippie1234y3810d ago

time to go buy stock... diablo3 starcraft 2 and cod mw2 coming soon activision/blizzard gonna be doing really well

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Seferoth753810d ago

LMAO PS3 still the least played of any current gen console.. And i had to LMAO at the delusional Sony fanbgirl who acts like SP3 being dead last is some how a good thing and wanting to act like PS2 is completing with Wii? Seriously kid you really need to wake up. Wii offers most of the features of the PS3. Bluetooth, Wifi, DLC, things that are not possible on PS2. I guess you just need some lame excuse to feel better about PS3 being beaten by Wii by huge margins. Guess it helps you fanboys sleep better at night to live in a dream world.

At least the numbers were posted correctly this time. Seems the Sony fanboys are starting to see they'll be dead alst from now on and are jsut trying to focus on other things.

PS3 owns the closet where it does nothing but collect dust and void the warranty.. I can see why Sony fans are so angry and feel the need to lie to justify their purchase.

Anon19743810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

So you mean I can use my Bluetooth headset and keyboard with the Wii? Oh, what's that? You can't use Bluetooth for anything on the Wii? Oh.
The comparison of the PS3 to the Wii is laughable. It's like comparing a Honda Civic to a fully loaded RV. Not quite the same thing and just the fact that you try to claim they're similar just goes to show how deluded you are. Give it a rest.

So despite the fact that the Wii has twice as many consoles in the US than the PS3, a lead of almost 12 million they're only played 7% more than the PS3. Way to point that out, genius.

At least you're posting your garbage in the Open Zone, where it belongs.