BioShock 2 and the multiplayer you don't want writes: "It's safe to say that BioShock has cemented itself as one of the classic titles of this generation of gaming. Not only did it reinvigorate the stale shooter genre but it spread innovation where we previously thought impossible. With the announcement of a second game and release date for later this fall, BioShock 2 already has achieved a mountain of anticipation. What could increase the hype to an insurmountable level? Why a multiplayer component of course. But with details on the slim side, it's up in the air as to what we'll actually get. Let's delve into the minds' of the developing staff and find out what could work and what would sink Rapture itself."

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best-3603810d ago

All of the reviews give that stupid game almost perfect. cuz they er stupid. ppl whats wrong with u, this game is suck, and boring like hell. a girl crying and big asshole protecting her and ran after my pikk. i will never play this stupid game, even if it was for free or if u give me money i will not play it. BioShock shock my pikk

spunnups3809d ago

You wouldn't know a good game if it sat on your face.

Killjoy30003809d ago

It's not the dev's fault you have the gamer capacity of a Halo player.

GiantEnemyCrab3809d ago

You don't like the game fine but you are laying it on a bit thick.

If your going to put 360 in your name please represent the better half of the 360 community and not bash a game that was both critically acclaimed and loved by many fans.

Just out of curiosity what is your favorite game this gen?

DrRobotnik3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Ok. Back on the whole topic of multiplayer. I think it fit nicely, if it was kind of like left 4 dead's versus mode. Players would be randomly chosen to become a big daddy, or big sister. Then the other players would have to try and either attempt to kill you in your near invincible mode. Or just run away to some objective. Or 4 player co-op would just be fine as well. All in all, I'll be getting this one.

Bill Gates3809d ago

You BABOONS sure got suckered PUNCHED on that one....AHAHAHHAHAH


callahan093808d ago

I'd like some Bioshock multiplayer. I don't want it to effect the single-player story, though, but I thought from the first day that Bioshock would make an awesome online multiplayer game. Setting up traps adds a cool dimension to it, like using the bolt gun to set up electrical tripmines and other such things. Combined with plasmids and so forth, I always thought Bioshock had the potential to translate into an awesome online experience, even if the single-player was good enough without it. If they add it without compromising the campaign, I'm all for it (much like I'm cool with the new Uncharted 2 multiplayer additions)