Bethesda hopes big splash at E3

FZ: "It would appear that Bethesda is back after the recent success of Fallout 3, and they are hoping to make a big impact at E3. According to the company, it is planning a European expansion that will see the company work on building new relationships with independent developers with the target of designing and marketing some European-only releases.

Perhaps the biggest key to the future at Bethesda is set to be announced when the company announces more details about the mystery FPS title that Splash Damage has been working on. From the whispers that we hear it is said to be something that is different and could be a game breaker for the company. Bethesda will unveil the details at E3 in June.

The company has publicly called the new FPS title in development by Splash Damage a "genre-breaker" and the mystery has built quite a buzz about what the title could actually be. The good news is that we only have a few more weeks to see if the title stands a chance to live up to the hype."

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GEESE3816d ago

A new Eder Scrolls FFS. And let's get back to the cool art direction of Morrowind, and no gay instant travel and other nerfs like 'Nooblivion'
If you ever found the Daedric face of god, I salute you.

njd823816d ago

Purist reporting for duty, sir!

kwicksandz3816d ago

while i agree the games shouldnt be dumbed down, fast travel isnt an example of that, its just an intelligent mechanic to save time.

zoneofenders3816d ago

instant travel should be banned.......
after oblivion and fallout 3, i begin to doubt if they can make a decent battle system?

lowcarb3816d ago

The instant travel took away the whole feeling of epicness for me kind of like cheat codes do. I want a long game and not something people can just go through super quick.

LightofDarkness3816d ago

If it's another Elder Scrolls, I hope the game world consists of the entirety of Tamriel. That would make the game so long and huge that it could take over 1000 hours to finish outright. I don't think I'd have the time or the wear-with-all to go through with a game of that magnitude, but it would keep RPG fanatics locked indoors for a very, very long time. Plus, no need for DLC beyond bug fixes.

DominusRebellis3816d ago

Great! I'll be sure to boycott this game and any Bethesda release, and get others to do so as well! Better yet, I'll buy the game used, no wait I'll trade in some old games for it. Bethesda is a two-faced POS company full of slaves to the highest bidder. FVCK THEM!!! After what they did to the PS3 users, they don't deserve any business from us.

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WhittO3816d ago

I want a new Elder Scrolls so bad !!!

OmarJA3816d ago

The Elder Scrolls Online MMORPG, with the same features as Oblivion plus NPC voice acting.

DominusRebellis3816d ago

Hopefully the NPC will not magically change their voice... eg. ahem..

(deep voice) - " can you spare a coin sir?"

---gives him coin

(Screechy Irish Voice from same character) - "Thank you, kind sir"

Hellsvacancy3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

I want it man id buy it defo

Eiffel3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

If I do recall did they not announce last E3 that they would only release DLC for the PC and Xbox 360. Todd Howard made it pretty clear.

I'm not against it I'm just trying to recall what I heard from the exec. producer last E3.

LeonSKennedy4Life3816d ago

The deal was for disc-based content.

They could easily release it on the PS Store.

Roper3163816d ago

unless they are going to say that in the future they will support all the platforms equally instead of taking a MS check I don't care what they have to say and I will just look in the used bins for their games so they don't make any money off of me.

Eiffel3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

That will sure teach them a lesson..One customer lost out of the something million gained. Just remember Bethesda is not the first company to do this and for them to get so much heat over this while so many others have gotten away with it without concern screams of BS. Granted Broken Steel should be released for the PS3 since it alters the ending of the game. But Its their choice and their game. Can't really do anything about it, best to just accept it and move on.

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The story is too old to be commented.