Apple, Dell, HP laptop owners sue Nvidia over faulty graphics

Owners of Apple, Dell and Hewlett-Packard laptops have combined their lawsuits against Nvidia in an attempt to force the graphics chip maker to replace allegedly flawed processors, according to court documents.

If granted class-action status, the case could involve millions of laptop computer owners, the plaintiffs said.

The five plaintiffs, including a Louisiana man who bought an Apple MacBook Pro a year ago, filed an amended complaint last week in a San Francisco federal court, accusing Nvidia of violating consumer-protection laws.

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bouncybullet3811d ago

I'm gonna get me a new MB Pro.

STK0263811d ago

Had to send my HP laptop twice last year because of the 8600M in it :(

SupraDOHC3811d ago

I've setup several warranty returns to HP and off-warranty motherboard replacements due to this issue. Its very disappointing to see Nvidia make a mistake like this, ive always liked their products.

Kakkoii3811d ago (Edited 3811d ago )

Well technically it's not Nvidia's fault. Nvidia design's the chip. Then a chip fabrication company creates the chips for them. So really it's the fabrication companies fault for botching up the chips.

People have to remember that these things are made at the nanoscale, approaching atomic scale. It is far too small and complex for Nvidia to know if a chip wasn't produced perfectly. Even if they test every chip before sending them out, it's not a guarantee that the chip will keep working for months at least.

dcbronco3811d ago

The problem is, you have to have some sort of quality control. If you can't gaurantee the product to some extent. If you can't expect to get sued. The timing is a shame. Nvidia already had money problems because of the forced price drops last year. They can't afford to get ripped in court on top of the new competition in graphics cards from ATI.

Kakkoii3811d ago

Nvidia does do quality control. There isn't any possible more quality control they can do. Really these people are just shooting Nvidia in the foot for something it has NO CONTROL OVER.

But I think this story is about Nvidia not choosing to replace the products, which they should do.