VidZone also in US?

Dutch weblog is pointing out that VidZone is not limited to the earlier mentioned countries including France, Spain, the UK and Germany. Theoretically the Netherlands and even the United States should be able to get the streaming music videos.

VidZone checks your location by PlayStation-account and not by IP-address. In the same way European and American gamers can check out Japanse demo's, they should be able to check out VidZone. "When possible, we do not advice to do this. We can not deliver the optimal user experience like we are used to.", added a Benelux representative of Sony Computer Entertainment.

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netdragon3720d ago

Although the article said differently, from the United States you need to connect through a UK/Spain/German/Australian proxy server . Vidzone does an IP address check, which is above and beyond just checking the location of the Sony Networks account. All you can do with a UK Sony Networks account is get Vidzone, not use it. You'll get an error that your country isn't supported if you try to use it. Note that you sometimes have to try 10-20 different proxies before you get lucky and find one that performs well enough to use.