Core i7 notebook tested

Fudzilla: "We talked about Core i7-based Clevo/Eurocom notebook a few times already, but this is the first time we see a proper review of the beast.

Our German colleagues at have put the behemoth through its paces, and as you might imagine, performance is stellar. Basically, it's the fastest notebook money can buy, and you'll need quite a bit of money to get one.

The tested version, powered by a Core i7 965, with three 320GB drives, 8GB of memory and GTX 280M graphics, costs €4,060."

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Kakkoii3816d ago

Dayum that's one powerful laptop.

But they really should have opted for the i7 920 and in store overclocked it.. All the other iterations are pretty much a waste of money. Would have cut the price down by over $1000.

micro_invader3816d ago

Holy crap, that's a lot of money for a laptop. Who nees that much power!?

Kakkoii3816d ago

Someone who works in 3D Modeling/Animation.