Torrence's Top Ten E3 Predictions

Torrence "Ok guys, I promised you I'd post this on the Warzone and here it is. For every prediction I get correct, a random Bitbag fan will receive free E3 swag. All notification will be done via the forumz. If you haven't created a True Gamer account yet, make one and start posting!

Now for my predictions. I've thought really hard about these and even if none of them come true, it's really fun to post predictions. I've literally thought about this stuff for a month and now it's all here to spark some heated debates.

1-Microsoft finally announces Radiant Silvergun for Xbox Live. Treasure already said that if Ikaruga did well on Xbox Live that they would possibly port over Radiant Silvergun".

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Abash3814d ago

"Squaresoft announces a new Kingdom Hearts for PS3. It’s a no brainer. What else have they been doing?"

The Kingdom Hearts team has been working on FF Versus XIII for years now...