Resident Evil Archives features detailed

Capcom has detailed some of the features found in the upcoming Wii release of Resident Evil Archives along with passing along the PAL region box art.

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The_Devil_Hunter3816d ago

Eh, lets see how it turns out. I still rather see a RE2 remake on the PS3 and 360.

The Pheen-X3816d ago

Its gonna be crap. Its basically the same GC remake with wii motion controls

Razasharpz3816d ago

And you know this because you've foretold the future? Just another hypocritical N4G member.

Agree with me because I'm God.

The Pheen-X3816d ago

Disagree with you cuz your a deusche.

Razasharpz3816d ago (Edited 3816d ago )

RE:2 is hella overrated to begin with.

But hey. They say this remake is going to have like 10 different endings. Finally a Wii game with some replayability.

That's like Castlevania: SOTN but with 2.5x more JiZZLE!

mastiffchild3816d ago

I don't really see why they're making these. IDK if I'm mistaken but as far as I can remember they aren't doing anything new with the controls so the main improvement will prolly be widescreen.

If you're gonna remake these games(after the perfectly playable GCN versions)why wouldn't you add a bit more than w/s and some polish(to the actual gameeplay not extras)?

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