Apple becomes blasphemy police

Maker of expensive fruity toys Apple has decided to conduct a holy inquisition of religious applications for sale on its iPhone store.

Not satisfied with deciding what users should watch, Apple has ruled that anything it thinks might be religiously offensive should also be banned. The first one in Jobs' Mobs' sights was a religious photo parody app called "Me So Holy." (I remember spending some time with it in Hue City, back in 1968. sub.ed.)

Apple insists the app is "objectionable." Basically "Me So Holy" is similar to another program called the "The Animaliser," which lets you scale and crop your photograph (or your friends', or celebrities') onto an animal's. "Me So Holy" lets you replace Jesus's face with yours.
Despite the fact that there is a good deal of religious precedent for doing this, in fact seeing yourself as Christ to understand the crucifixion was one of the spiritual exercises for monks in the Middle Ages, Apple is having none of it.

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