John Carmack's thoughts on the NASA-sponsored MMO

The other day, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) called for proposals to develop an MMO video game. The main focus of the project is to be "the front-end of a larger synthetic environment." The organization mentioned that a total amount of US$ 3 million will be allocated for the project and that it would be happy to work with "a partner with commercial-quality game development experience."

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GaMr-4751d ago

Carmack is like.... This guy just needs to hand it in. Leave all the talking to Cliffy B., David Jaffe and Hideo Kojima and The other dude fro Team Ninja.

Armyless4750d ago

I got dibs on the diaper astronaut wielding a +3 mace-----spray can.

Seriously, I've spent some time thinking about a limitless, infinitely expansive, and yet static universe waiting to be MMO explored based on the number Pi. I had a conversation about the prospect with the creator of the original Elite, if anyone's interested. (Queue sarcastic responses, but I did save the emails.) I doubt that's the kind of experiment NASA's hoping to conduct on us.