5 of the best LCDs for PC gaming

In order to experience a game at the fullest, you'll need, besides a beloved graphics card, a good monitor. Most gamers would probably go for the 21 inch CRTs and claiming that the LCD's have a very, very low response time but seriously, if you're not on a 22" wide or wider then maybe its about time.

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nightelfmohawk3806d ago

I haven't noticed any screen door effect. This monitor is a beast for the money. It makes PS3 games look great!

50CALheadshot3806d ago

as long as youre happy who cares about what this fool says

nightelfmohawk3805d ago (Edited 3805d ago )

yeah, it's definitely not the best picture quality in the world or anything, but it's also definitely not sub-par by any means. I'm currently renting my place right now, and I want to move to a better apartment sometime this year. Once I get settled in, I plan on buying a much bigger LCD gaming TV, and the Hanns G will become my PC monitor. But in the interim, I love playing PS3 and watching blu-ray movies on it. :)

Also, fyi, it's a 3-time winner of the Customer Choice Award on Newegg:

I believe that means it sold over some threshold amount 3 months in a row or something to that effect. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a monitor for gaming. Picture quality is amazing despite the lower price and not being a top brand like Sony or Samsung.

Ellessdee3805d ago

i deffenitly know what he means by "screen door effect"

while playing through one of the hdmi ports (which is what i use for my ps3) there is this ugly ass line down the middle of the screen thats only noticable when the creen is black, but creates this ugly tear across the left side of the screen wherever the black collides with bright oclours. usually this only happens durring the game bootup though when the developer logos flash on screen. still, its very ugly and its getting worse for me so im thinking of buying a new monitor.

majorsuave3805d ago

Why they didnt post native resolutions?

I am looking for a 1920x1080 23-24 inch display with hdmi and speakers and a headphone jack as well (yep 360/ps3/pc display for bedroom use).
In these ranges theres a lot of 1680x1050 and 1920x1200 as well.

phosphor1123805d ago

A newer version (like 2 inches bigger and more contrast) is released for 199.99 at It's a great deal. It matches the PS3 well with a slick black gloss on it. 5ms response time isn't near bad as well. I don't experience any lag, so its all good.

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goldene3553805d ago

i got the benq a few weeks ago. Buying a monitor today is more complex than ordering all the individuals parts for your computer. Anyways, the benq works great.

GamerPS3603805d ago

I got kdl40v4100 for PC gaming. Can't beat that with dual 4890 crossfired :).

lazzymusa3805d ago

Can you guys tell me if i'm making a good choice it has dvi, hdmi inputs I like the looks but I don't know if its the best
Or what would be better to by a 32inch sumsung hdtv than the lcd? which one is good for gaming?

GamerPS3603805d ago

go to and read the user reviews and make your decision.

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