City Of Heroes: Going Rogue Trailer Released

A trailer has been released for the upcoming City of Heroes expansion: Going Rogue.

The tagline is "Walk the line between good and evil, or cross it." and the video clarifies that the expansion will be all about switching roles, showing a number of the game's leading characters questioning their alignment.

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Maticus3811d ago

That's an awesome video, really dark! Love it.

Dorjan3811d ago

Captain America is evil!? No-wai!

Malfurion3811d ago

That's not Captain America!

AndyA3811d ago

Cool trailer. Might have to give this another look.

Fyzzu3811d ago

Eee that's actually really cool. So is this one of these stereotypical superhero stories where the superheroes in another dimension are Evil, and come over to invade the world containing the Good superheroes?

Maticus3811d ago

That's a good idea, although I thought it would just be a new area. I can't see them mixing - it would create a paradox!

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