New iPhone upgrade details leaked

Rumors have been buzzing around a hardware update for the iPhone for a long time now, but a Chinese forum has just posted the most specific details yet. And they look pretty good.

Among other things they suggest the expected memory increase up to 32GB, a built in digital compass, an improved camera CCD up to 3 megapixels with auto-focus, a back-lit home button, and most importantly a CPU boost up to 600MHz over the current 400MHz processor.

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NaAsAr3809d ago

i thought the current 3g phone was a 603mhz arm based cpu????

kwicksandz3809d ago

i think it is but they underclock it for battery life. If you jailbreak them you can set to 600 iirc

badkolo3809d ago

well hopefully after 3 years of 2 iphones, maybe this thrid one will be able to send picture and video messages without having to sending it toan email, 30 dollar phones have been doing this for years yet the almighty iphone cant, its a peace of junk

Hobgoblin3809d ago

A piece of junk? Disgruntled PSP fan are we ;-)
The iPhone rules. Who cares if it only sends photos by email? It's a superb games system, and gets more support that all the other handheld platforms put together.

Ninjamonkey3809d ago

Great, yeah the iphone gets lots of support, but thoser games are mainly £3 and last about 5 mins...

iTaku3809d ago

Which is preferable to all those games out there for other platforms that last about five minutes and cost $30.