PlayStation E3 Invites are going out

PlayStation Writes: "As a G.A.P member and one of our PlayStation gamers, you're invited to be among the first people on the planet to hear PlayStation's breaking news for E3 2009".

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Ninver3809d ago

I've got nothing but envy for those who get in. If you ask me, everyone deserves to be there to witness what looks to be one of the most promising E3's in a decade.

SL1M DADDY3809d ago

This is going to be one of the best E3's ever.

II Necroplasm II3809d ago

SL1M DADDY, I have a ticket....

You wanna go? ;)

HDgamer3809d ago

I really need one. I need a good vacation and this would be a good thing :D

TrevorPhillips3809d ago

the hiphopgamershow crew are going atleast 9 of them

and HDgamer I understand alot of people would love to go to E3 but hey look at it this way E3 is coming to playstation home youll be able to download demos etc :)

HDgamer3809d ago

Thats a rumor not a definite.

Marceles3809d ago

Finally some use for GAP. I've been in it for 6 years and still haven't really gotten anything out of it except a few demos PS1/PS2 demos in the mail

HDgamer3809d ago

I've been in that thing since I was 14. I got one E3 invite and I couldn't go because I was under 18.

The_Kills3809d ago

Even thouhg ive been a member since 03 or 04, I doubt i'll get this sort of invite partially because I never get jack anyway.

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