Attention Sony: We Don't Need A Motion Sensing PS3 Remote

Ben Dutka: "One of the biggest rumors currently making the rounds is the idea that Sony will unveil a Wii-like motion-sensing remote for the PlayStation 3 at E3. Now, as you can see by the majority of responses to that article, such an idea simply doesn't appeal to current PS3 owners, and I refuse to believe it will appeal to potential buyers."

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MUNKYPOO3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

who says we are getting a remote? could be something else like the ps3 eye integration

Lou-Cipher3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

There was nothing worst than playing Lair with those stupid motion sensing controls (lair was actualy decent after they allowed us to use the actual controller)

Wasting time and money on any form of motion control is nothing but a sad attempt to try and be like nintendo IMO.

Spend your time and money on the PSN and on Making more kick a$$ games, not this stupid wii type crap.

I want to be lazy when I play video games,if I feel like doing Flashdance, I will play the wii or watch a taebo film.

YungXclusive2K93809d ago

Is it just me or nobody realizes that the ps3 already has motion sensing. WTF is your six axis not good enough, its just needs better games to support it

vhero3809d ago

OMG MS doin it too yet nobody says crap bout that?? this is obviously a MS fanboy who hopes Sony dont get it as that will be 1 more thing Sony has up on MS in the console war. Honestly ppl who comment on here need to think before they write simply because SO WHAT IF THEY ARE!?!?! will you be forced to use it?? NO! Will it cost you anything?? NO! So will it affect you in any way shape or form?? NO! So get real and shut the hell up! If you dont like it dont buy it and stop complaining like your forced to swap your dual shock six axis controllers out or something.

thor3809d ago

No I'm sure nobody wants MS to bring in a lame motion-sensing peripheral either.

hay3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Acutally I do like the idea.
Do some fun games which will supoort it, add 3D to it and... Well, I was sold from the very beginning, but in this combination it'll be overwhelming.
So please, stop the b*tchin' and if you don't like it, ignore it and leave others with a option how they want to use their console.
I can't believe people are so narrow minded.

Delive3809d ago

Can someone define a "Core" gamer? Is there a clear cut line that says this side is core and this is not? Are there different levels of "Core" gamers?

The reason I ask be because I see a large quantity of comments saying "Core gamers don't want this" and I fail to see the truth in this.

Is a core gamer someone who spends money on games frequently? Someone who plays games on a daily basis? Someone who only plays shooters and strives to be the best at that game? Someone who wants to be in the MLG?

Is there a hybrid market out there? Someone who rides the fence, playing both the hardcore shooters like a Killzone and Cod, yet still finding time to play the casual games too? A pure gamer who plays games for fun. And as long as the game is fun, it does not matter the demographic it's aimed at.

Enlighten me please.

FamilyGuy3809d ago

That the Wii-mote should've been blu-tooth?
Seriously, why should i HAVE to point at the sensor bar/screen?

What could sony be unveiling anyway, we already have the PS3Eye for body/motion capturing and the six axis for motion controls.

Im more interested in the 3D games thing that was made a while back that submerged you into the game with that head tracking device.

TheAntiFanboy3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Hey, guess what dumbass? IT IS BLUETOOTH.

You can't calculate a peripheral's approximate location just by a single wireless connection like Bluetooth, especially not one in motion, and especially not one in floating space. You need at least three points of reference as well as a receiver to calculate the angle and distance of those three points from each other and from the receiver itself in order to triangulate its approximate location, then constantly update it in real time as those three points shift.

Oh, but the Sixaxis does it, right? WRONG. The Sixaxis has an accelerometer inside the controller that can calculate the tilt of the controller (VIA THREE POINTS NO LESS!). HOWEVER, it doesn't detect its location in space; it only detects the controller's tilt. The only reference is itself; thus, it's far less accurate than the Wiimote.

The Wii needs to use infrared sensors because not only does it need to detect the tilt of the Wiimote, it must also needs to calculate all of these things IN RELATION to the display's location. The Sixaxis doesn't need to do all of that, because IT'S NOT A POINTING DEVICE, WHEREAS THE WIIMOTE IS.

Here's an example. Let's say you're playing a first-person shooter. Using a Wiimote, if you point the Wiimote 90 degrees to the left, which is literally YOUR left, the in-game targeting crosshair will go offscreen to the left. The Wii can recognize that and act accordingly. Now let's say you take your Sixaxis controller and turn it 90 degrees (horizontally) to the left. Does the game do anything? No. Now if you TILT it so that the controller is VERTICAL, it will LEAN to the left.

Get your facts straight before using tha intarwebz, kthxbai.

Delive3809d ago

I see your point about bluetooth, but you don't have to point the Wii-mote at the screen and sensor for everything. Mario Kart has you hold it sideways, point between the ceiling and the floor, but not at the screen. The other times you are pointing at the screen are to aim at something on the screen and I honestly don't see how this can be accomplished without actually point at the screen.

SL1M DADDY3809d ago

Try and speak for all the PS3 owners. Sorry, but I like options and the more the merrier. So to the author... STHU.

SaiyanFury3809d ago (Edited 3809d ago )

Sony need not be like Nintendo with it's controller. Nintendo has it's audience with the Wii. Sony also has it's audience which is growing all the time. I like the games that make good use of the SIXAXIS controls like Ratchet & Clank Future, but it doesn't need to be at the forefront of software development. A great many people are comfortable with the controller as it is, with motion sensing as an afterthought. Disagree with me all you like, but the audience has spoken.


A core gamer is a gamer who plays games that have more substance than things like Wii Music. They want more from games than simple instrument strumming. We want a story behind the games we play and we want mechanics to match. Casual gamers are gamers that don't care about substance. They want to play the games that are initially acceptable and are instantly accessible to them. Pick up and play. Core gamers are the ones that look forward to games and keep up to date with the latest news. There are some core gamer games on the Wii I will never dispute that, but the casual shovelware on the Wii is undeniable. The shovelware that tries to attract the casuals is dominant on the system. Argue with me all you want, that is a fact, and no arguments will disprove me. In the end, core gamers want the games with more than pickup and play mechanics. Casuals are the ones who get a game and just jump into them and have no thoughts about further depth. No doubt people will disagree with me, but that's my interpretation.

Delive3809d ago

Thank you for your definition, and I don't think you will be getting many disagrees for the shovelware comments, it's undeniably true.

So, based off of this definition, I would fit into the "Core" gamer demographic. Yet, I'm still curious about the possibility of a PS3 motion control system more akin to what the Wii does than to what the Sixaxis does.

The better graphics and processing power are the start of it, but it boils down to what developer can maximize the potential and make games that utilize the technology to it's fullest, not just for the pick up and play games.

I guess the thing I see from my perspective is I love the core games like GoW III and MAG that are coming, but I also play with my kids and sometimes, the pick up and play games are more fun, in that setting with younger children.

I guess I'm just an all around gamer. That's cool.

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swiftshot933810d ago

I hate this crap. It really pisses me off sony's gonna do this. There are other ways to appeal to the casual audience other than this crap. And thats software! Just put out the games the casuals want, it worked for the PS2!

But of course, the casuals arent as invested into gaming as the hardcore, so sony will have to let the world know they have casual games. MARKETING MARKETING!

Omegasyde3809d ago

Same here, however i do not want the shovelware.

I bought a Wii, because of the motion controls. I bought a Ps3 for the graphics and the fanchises.

Sony give me a reason to pitch the wii.

Delive3809d ago

There is a reason the Wii is making money out the park. Ease of use. There is no doubt the PS3 is far superior in every sense, but because this other demographic finds the Wii-mote easier to use, it gets their money. Sony is not posting the PS2 numbers because the game has changed and Nintendo is dictating how to appeal to the casuals better.

Sony has several casual friendly franchises out there like Buzz and Singstar. Both of which use a different controller. If these games prove to be profitable, they will be developed for more, if not, they will have their small fanbase that enjoys them. This will be the same for a PS3 motion control (other than the sixaxis). If Sony can bring it to the market, market it right and properly implement the technology into fun games, it will get it's audience, big or small.

Those who do not like it can chose to pass on this style of play, but the option is there for those like me who find this idea interesting.

It has to be done right though. Shovelware with better graphics will not convince someone to spend $400 for what they can get foe $250.

UltimateIdiot9113809d ago

Well for one thing, programming for the PS3 is definitely more challenging and costly than the Wii. So that should eliminate a large amount of shovelware.

I personally welcome the motion remote especially since I enjoy using the sixaxis every now and then. If developers use it right, I see great potential. Sad to see most people on N4G see the glass half empty.

ZeroX98763809d ago

The main reason behind this could be to bring third party games that is developped exclusively on the wii to the PS3, but most of the third party games on the wii sucks right now.

I own a PS3 and I don't really care about motion sensing if it's not done properly (wiimote....). If it's really responsive and you add it like maybe for final night round 4 per example, like just a add-on, it would be great. Just don't make too much effort on something the wii is already owning the market.

People won't start buying the PS3 because of the OPTIONAL motion sensor remote. They probably already have the wii.

It won't be a big system seller for sure.

There's rumor that microsoft is doing the same thing for the xbox 360, it would be great too as an add-on to future titles.

If this controller becomes the main controller for many games, I don't think it will sell well ( except maybe in Japan). I hope they haven't spent too much money on this project (they could have put this money for buying exclusive, like microsoft).

njmzhang3809d ago

I hope to see new games, not new peripheral.

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