White Knight Chronicles Announcement at E3

Kombo Writes: "It's looking very likely that Sony will be emphasizing White Knight Chronicles during their E3 showing."

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RememberThe3573813d ago

Now I can sleep well tonight.

Wait, this fall is gonna be packed... I'm going to have to start GameFly up again, I just don't have the funds for all these damn games.

SL1M DADDY3812d ago

It has been on my radar for a long time running. Hope they announce a solid release date for the States.

Baba19063813d ago

a summer release date of this would be the awesomeness in person. bring it dudes.

Kain813813d ago

I want this game in my Level 5 Collection

GameGambits3813d ago

Still have big hopes for this. The second they said it is very reminiscent of Final Fantasy XI online in many ways the second I was sold on playing it.

I would expect this games selling well would result in a long stream of DLC content to keep the online fresh and something to come back to often. This is def what Sony needs to showcase for RPG enthusiasts who still haven't dipped into a PS3 considering the pickings are few and far between.

Chapulin3813d ago

I was so hooked by it. I can't wait for WKC it does remind me of the good old days of leveling up my character killing orcs in Sandoria.

Berserk13812d ago

great all we need now is this:

Demon's Souls Announcement at E3

Arsenal4Ever3812d ago

Are you guys actually going to by this game though?

Ichiryoka3812d ago

you actually going to keep stealth trolling? and BY the way, the way you used by is incorrect.

Eromu3812d ago

Yes I will, been waiting for it to come out since it was first announced.

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The story is too old to be commented.