We're being played. was registered on 5/7/09

"The domain was registered on 5/7/09, the very same day that 3DRealms announced it was closing. Furthermore, if I recall, that news did not break to the internet at large until very late in the day - sometime in the evening. I haven't registered many domains in my time, but in my experience, it takes at least a few hours to process, up to around 24 hours."

PS : You may also want to have a look at this particular section of the new site :

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Timesplitter143810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I'm telling you, guys. I almost lost all hope when the whole plot was leaked, but now this pretty much confirms that something is happening. If anything, that plot could've been made up in a few hours.

Just look at that "no peeking!". It speaks for itself.

Always bet on Duke. ALWAYS!

SullyDrake3810d ago

F*ck Duke, he's overrated and out of date. He should have grey hair now.

Timesplitter143810d ago

I think you just made my nose bleed.

That was... VIOLENTLY unacceptable.

phosphor1123810d ago

Duke is awesome, but Duke 3D was only so good because it introduced competitive MP, pixelized t!ts, and insults. Since then, things have progressed a lot. Yes, the game was awesome for its time, but that's because it did something new and awesome, now on the other hand, what does DNF bring? Someone tell me, other than Duke Nukem himself. Same old formulas with new graphics don't work when making a sequel. You need to add to it, and so far we have seen nothing added (other than some apparent vehicle scenes).

Don't let nostalgia create the judgments on a game, but instead think about how the game would be today.

DelbertGrady3810d ago

Who's that in your avatar? It reminds me of some character who was very quickly forgotten. Not at all like Duke Nukem.

iDystopia3810d ago

hahahahhahahahahha Classic.

Awookie3810d ago

Man duke was my first M rated game and what a blast it was this is good news indeed

3810d ago
DelbertGrady3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I kid. If you weren't so opinionated and used your common sense you would see that I'm replying to someone who claims "F*** Duke Nukem, he is overrated and out of date".

I'm just stating that he's more well-known than Sackboy. LBP is a nice game, shame it didn't get as much recognition from gamers at it got from reviews.

Better luck next time, mmmkay?

Ethreon3810d ago

Haha, oh wow. That was the bomb Soda, can't stop laughing here. You're so right.

I can say that even in 10 years, ppl will still remember good ol' a*s kickin' (with both feet at the same time!), pig killin', alien b*tchslappin' Duke, but then some1 will ask:
"who was that guy, looking like a sack or something.. Sackdude or something?"
-"No idea, stop talking crazy. Guy looking like a sack, yea right..? You drunk or something?"

Don't mix me with a x360-fanboy or anything, I have a PS3, LBP and also Duke Nukem 3D on PS1.
My very first console-FPS.
brb ps1-time..

morganfell3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

Okay, put the bong down. People act like 3D Realms is known for smart marketing and slick performance as a developer. Duke is dead and unless some major company backs old George then Duke is going to stay dead until they start getting sued by investors and George has to sell the IP.

The only way Duke is going to surface is in one game that is being made by Apogee and a second announcement that we may hear about at E3. That second announcement is not DNF or 3D Realms.

Look at that footage that was released when the shutdown was announced. Half finished crap with placeholder models.

The website went up a day AFTER the closing was announced.

The website went up on the 7th:


And articles like this went up on the 6th:

3D realms have spent an insane amount of money, swapped engines multiple times and made promises they could not come close to keeping. They have been adamant this isn't a PR stunt either.

3810d ago
cayal3810d ago

Any one considered the possibility, that due to timezones, it could have been registered a day after it closed but it would still be the same date.

For example.

Right now

In Australia it is the 12th of May
In the USA it is the 11th of May

Shepherd 2143810d ago

you see, the problem with Sackboy is that, even thought he has many, many maps to hop around in, he only hops, he flips switches, and maybe he feels pretty good about himself.

Mr Nukem on the other hand gets all the strippers, has big guns, fights space pigs bent on stealing earth's babes, and rips enemies a new one when he's all outta gum.

I think i know which one sounds more interesting.

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ThePlaystationFour3810d ago

We don't hear nothing from Duke in YEARS.. now everything is about DUKE.

Timesplitter143810d ago

Well I won't complain. I REALLY want that game

RememberThe3573810d ago

Duke is not dead. They're bringing him back and their using this as free promotion to get people to want a new Duke game.

I personally have no problem falling for the hype. That video of DKF was freakin funny. I really wanted to play it.

infamousinfolite3810d ago (Edited 3810d ago )

I've never played duke nukem!!

Finalfantasykid3810d ago

I remember playing Duke Nukem 3D when I was like 7 or 8. I was way to young to be playing a game with violence, language and some low resolution nudity, but it was still a pretty crazy fun game. If this game does somehow make it's way back into development, and is ever finished, I will consider getting it.

No Way3810d ago

Same here, but my parents, mostly my dad, let me play games, like Duke, at a young age.

But, at the same time, I had a "clean" version. =( Lol.

Jockamo3810d ago

..haha, when you blew a monster up they would just disappear. love it

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rhood0223810d ago

I believe two things:

1. Duke Nukem Forever will be revealed at E3.
2. 3D Realms will have been purchased by a non-MS and Sony entity.

Timesplitter143810d ago

I believe in two things : Duke Nukem

Sev3810d ago


Bethesda was talking about showing off an unannounced FPS killer app at E3.

Duke is announced, but under different ownership, it may be considered "unannounced".

BTW I am just speculating.

CoxMulder3810d ago

Bethesda is publishing a new FPS developed by Splash Damage, they were probably referring to that.

You never know though...

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