Portable Gamer Review | Need For Speed Undercover (iPhone)

The Portable Gamer writes:

"I wish I could start this review the same way Need For Speed Undercover introduced itself: live-action cut-scene style. For this old Command and Conquer fan, NFSU had me at hello.

Then it immediately lost me with its ever-present, grinding shout rock soundtrack. But after a quick visit to the audio settings a first look at the visuals in motion, we were back on speaking terms for good."

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CrAppleton3811d ago

Need For Speed = AWESOME!

Neco5123811d ago

I dunno, it's kind of lost its luster over the years

CrAppleton3811d ago

Well.. it's not as good as it used to be.. but it's STILL Need For Speed.. which makes it AWESOME!

CrAppleton3811d ago

Always good to see another racer.. regardless of the platform

Neco5123811d ago

racers are awesome either way, but I think I could do with less NFS

Spolodaface3811d ago

How is it that the iPhone can pull off graphics seemingly as impressive (and smoother) than the PSP?

Perkel3811d ago

how iphone struugle to do as much as psp.

psp 333mhz

iphone 700mhz ?????