Resident Evil: Degeneration game released for iPhone. Wait, what?

The Portable Gamer writes:

"This should be a huge coup for the iPhone platform, as Capcom has released an installment in the Resident Evil series for the device, based off of CG movie Resident Evil: Degeneration. I say should, because apparently the game got released and Capcom forgot to tell people."

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CrAppleton3810d ago

Holy crap! When did this come about??

Neco5123810d ago

Seriously, I don't remember hearing anything about this

wondroushippo3810d ago

I did a Google search and apparently the game's been announced a while back, but the release snuck so far under the radar that no one knew about it. It is an enigma, and I've got to think that something is afoot here. You'd think that at least someone would have downloaded it or given it a review, or something, if it's been out for 3 weeks now, especially since it's a big name title from a major publisher. But then again, Capcom's not exactly done a great job at promoting their iPhone titles - for example, did you know Mega Man 2 is on the App Store?

CrAppleton3810d ago

Odd to have an RE game on the iPhone

Neco5123810d ago

Seems like it would be kinda hard to control on the iPhone

wondroushippo3810d ago

I've found that analog-type movement controls work well enough on the system, like in Wolfenstein 3D, over just plain digital controls when it comes to simulated movement on the iPhone touch screen.

Bathyj3810d ago

Its no piece of cake on consoles.

supercharger51503810d ago

Wait, what? is right. Screen looks a bit too crowded for my taste.

Johnny Jiron3810d ago

I liked Degeneration much more than the Live action series. It had its direct to DVD moments but overall was a solid watch for anyone who enjoys the RE games.

killyourfm3810d ago

It felt like a guilty pleasure. A blood-soaked, fanboyish, guilty pleasure.

NewYork2143810d ago

another resident evil game not on the PSP. the controls would work on PSP. whats taking them so long damn it.

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The story is too old to be commented.