Lens of Truth First Look: Batman - Arkham Asylum Demo

Lens of Truth First Look: Batman - Arkham Asylum Demo. After a quick look of bewilderment and seeing what else was in the envelope the answer hit me, The Lens of Truth. So step inside this first look to see the madness which is Arkham Asylum.

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Shogun Master3813d ago

I cannot wait to get this, fighting looks sick. Sucks it got delayed, hope it will be for the better.

micro_invader3812d ago

Yeah, same. Ever since I saw the prison trailer I've been keeping my eye on this. I can't wait to play the demo(when I get my ps3 back)

Daoshai3812d ago

I'm still torn on this game, I have infamous and prototype coming out soon, not sure if I'll budget this game in yet, but its close to a purchase.

Sonyslave33812d ago

I wish these guys can make a Superman game on same level.

ArthurLee3812d ago

Me too, Superman needs some respect...

This Batman game is looking awesome though. Can't wait to get it.

Big Sister3812d ago

That would be awesome! Superman deserves a good game since the only one worth playing was the arcade version. Superman 64 anyone?

Soul Train3812d ago

I need me some Batman, this isn't PS3 exclusive either.

ArthurLee3812d ago

Your right, it's not PS3 exclusive but the video is taken from the PS3 version Soul, so maybe they developed this on the PS3. Hmmmmmm.

evildeli3812d ago

it sucks that it's a exclusive demo to the stores. I ran home to download it but couldn't find it. So I keep going back to Best Buy during lunch to play.

jaidek3812d ago

I am still bummed that this game has been delayed, but hopefully it will give the developers a few extra months to polish and add additional content. But for those of you that haven't played this demo, head out to your closest Best Buy or GameStop now. It's a lot of fun.

Baron793812d ago

Yeah, bad news for Batman fans. Hopefully it means we'll get a more polished more kick [email protected]# Batman game, which he definitely deserves.

stealyrface3812d ago

Thats what I'm talkin about. Finally a good super hero game. The game even looks good on the PS3. Can't wait to see the 360 version since we all know it will be better!!!!!!

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