Blend Games Review: Ninja Blade

Blend Games writes: "Ninja Blade tries to be something else. It exists as a sort of homage to other action titles while never establishing itself as an original idea. Imitation can often be good, sometimes even equal to the source. Unfortunately FromSoftware has formulated a game that is akin to eating a juicy steak devoid of any seasoning. When it sits in front of you on initial play you're enticed by the cinematic presentation, but by the time you've defeated your first (of countless) giant creatures you've grown tired of the Simon Says gameplay."

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Wildarmsjecht3810d ago

As a man who LOOOOOOVES steak, the idea of unseasoned steak is a travesty to me.

Microsoft Xbox 3603810d ago

Every game on the 360 has flopped this year.

OmarJA3810d ago

Ouch o_O, a true 360 exclusive over there... :D

Ninver3809d ago

Ladies and M$ knob jockey's, i give you the 6th flop for the pleasefixme this year. Mark my words filthy bots, it's only gonna get worse from here on.