Fill 'er up with new Fuel trailer and screens

Joystiq's got a handful of new screens and a trailer for Codemasters' upcoming post-apocalyptic, open-world racer, FUEL.

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DragonWarrior465343811d ago

Wow, Joystiq knows how to deliver new content for their site. LOL. BTW, Ive seen this footage a million times, and I get nothing but more and more frustrated at how bad and boring this game looks. All that I was really trying to say was ,, Meh.

Christopher3811d ago

It looks 'meh' to me as well and the video looks horrible, especially in dim/dark areas. But, Codemasters has a good history with racing games, so perhaps the end result will be much better.

ASSASSYN 36o3811d ago

Can't wait! Fuel is the largest and most dynamic racing game ever. 14,000 sq. miles of open terrain, 100,000 miles of trails and tracks, and 24/Hour day night cycle. Everything pales in comparison.

creeping judas3811d ago

I cannot wait either!! The seek and destroy game mode looks frigging awesome!!!