New Business Model for Arcades?

BeefJack writes: "Arcades in many countries not named Japan have seen better days. Now you're lucky to see a real arcade within an hour of you that's not just Dance Dance Revolution machines. It's sort of hard to look cool when the place is filled with eleven year old girls.

Part of the problem is the expense of arcade machines. A full Street Fighter IV setup, which requires two Vewlix Cabinets can easily top $20,000! This makes many operators wary of buying a new game for their arcade because it could never make back the money it cost to get it."

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Omegasyde3808d ago

Don't Casino's do the same thing to a degree? They pay a wholesale price + discount for quanity and in return the Machine vender gets a certain cut...

I can't see this working in America, unless at amusement parks and make Casinos (gotta dump the kids somewhere :) )

Arcades are dead.

Cyrus3653808d ago

I think this is mainly still for japan/asia, where arcades still are popular (maybe not as much as they use to), but still way more popular than they are here.

But maybe places like dave and busters might like this approach?