IGN: Red Dead Redemption: Into the Wild West

IGN continues their coverage of Rockstar's open world Western with part two of their Dan Houser interview.

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DanSolo3809d ago

This game is sounding better all the time, definately a day one purchase for me!
It would be cool if in multiplayer you could form a gang to rob banks and stuff like that.

Rainstorm813809d ago

I was a fan of the first but this game looks to be the definitive western experience. Rockstar has to be one of my favorite companies. They constantly redefine open world games. People tend to bash GTA4 but it is the best open world crime game . Yes the story gets a lil extra towards the end but if you just go around the world you will see soooo many different things happening at random. RDR look to be at that quality and MARK MY WORDS .........

G.O.T.Y. Contender!

2009 keep the great games coming!

raztad3809d ago

Game is looking real good. The color palette is much nicer than Call of Juarez's. I'm impressed. I just hope gameplay is fun, GTA4 is boring as hell.


this interview was impressive, and makes the game sound really promising, I was excited before, but now I'm over eagerly anticipating this title