Video Games: Society's Release Valve?

Kombo Writes: "The face of the gaming industry has changed a lot in the last decade; it can be said that this past decade has caused video games to grow up. They just haven't grown up in appearance, with all the new technology and the like, but they've also grown up emotionally. We've gone beyond saving princesses now, or rescuing presidents from ninjas, to saving whole continents, planets, the whole map of space and time itself!

Unfortunately, this maturing of the gaming industry has its darker side, games where large numbers of people are blown up, set on fire, and suffer numerous other fates."

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Shnazzyone3809d ago

Great topic it's just he didn't elaborate enough. There is so much that could be said on this topic that it seems he sorta put the pen down in a hurry. It's an obvious topic that anyone who had to write a paper in college could probably turn into a 10 to 20 page double spaced masterpiece. Yet he stopped at barely a page and a half with a wopping picture in the middle.

I dunno, I would feel this is a worthwhile article if only it didn't seem that the author was just lazy. Half the dammn thing is the setup then immediately he states his one paragraph realization and an instant conclusion. I want more and i didn't get it. I give it a C--