Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Interview

IGN speaks to SEGA and Nintendo as the plumber and hedgehog sign their historic peace treaty.

Yesterday, gaming history was made when SEGA announced it was bringing Mario and Sonic together for the first time in a videogame. That game in question is Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, a light-hearted take on the Beijing Olympics 2008, which is set for release on both Wii and DS this Christmas.

Starring a host of recognisable faces from the world of Mario and Sonic, including the likes of Luigi and Tails, the game features numerous sporting events and real-life locations based on Beijing Olympics. Development is underway at SEGA Japan and Mario-creator Shigeru Miyamoto is overseeing the project - presumably ensuring SEGA gets Mario's moustache just right...

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vidoardes4756d ago

Wow... go back 15 years and this would have been as unbelivable as Halo 3 exclusive to the PS3. I get the feeling half the people who visit this forum arn't old enough to remember the 8-bit era

r10004756d ago

I definately remember.... playing mario, kung fu, double dragon, the original zelda, bubble bobble ( <-- which is still in my top ten favorite games of all time)...

But your right.... 15 yrs ago this would have never been thought of... LOL how much have things changed

ChickeyCantor4756d ago

and it kinda weird that the new generation starts gaming with GTA and games like that.

the future generation of gaming will be missing out alot!

Robert223884755d ago

This April fools joke has a bunch of conspiritors...

Damn, even IGN is in on it

Just remember people

April Fools day is in 3 days

Don't believe a word until you see an OFFICIAL press release on either Sega or Nintendo's websites.

commadore654755d ago

It's not like the nintendo and sega camps are that different anymore.

if it were done well this could be pretty cool, suits the wii remote.

Robert223884755d ago actually confirms this story....

So my prediction of this being an april fools just perpetuated by a group of video game sites was wrong.

I still get the feeling that this is an AF joke, but this time Nintendo and Sega started it.

I guess we'll find out 4/1