IGN Infamous Review Incoming, Tomorrow.

by Greg Miller
US, May 11, 2009 - In December, I played Infamous for the first time. In my preview, I said that it was awesome and that I'd stake my reputation on the fact that the final product was going to be awesome as well.

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TheExecutive3814d ago

What do you ladies and gents think it will score?

I am guessing:

IGN- 9.2
1UP- B+
GT- 90
Gamespot- 85
Eurogamer- 8

mintaro3814d ago

Well OPM Belgium scored it 8.3 I think,so im not sure what's going to happen. Although im sure IGN's will be fairly high.

ELite_Ghost3814d ago

IGN- 9.6
1UP- A-/A+
GT- 93
Gamespot- 75
Eurogamer- 9

[email protected]3814d ago

Hahaha.. I'm start it to think it too ^^

Anyway, I'm buy it no matter what =P

CaseyRyback_CPO3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Infamous will get 8.9 from IGN. the -.1 is for being exclusive.

goflyakite3814d ago

Edge giving it a 7? That would be pretty high for them.

Sony Rep3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Gramepro sweden- 87

scores so far. I predict a Meta similar to Uncharted's, and we all know Uncharted is AAA stuff

heroicjanitor3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

But I have fairly high hopes for it's review scores(though I don't value much besides IGN nowadays)

IGN- 9.5
1UP- B+
GT- 87
Gamespot- 85
Eurogamer- 83
Edge- 91 or 60
Meta- 89

Not sure but for some reason I think this might meet Edge's demands that it isn't the same old thing, so they will rate it highly. They rape anything that is following a trend. Although on the other side of the coin this game reminds me of spiderman 2(which was one of my favourite games ever!) which the gave a 60, so they might do that again.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3814d ago

Edge = 5 ("Too good to be a PS3 game").
Eurogamer = 7 ("We didn't get money from Sony")
GameSpot = 7.9 ("Too much variety")
1up = B+ ("A great addition to the genre but it has some (unnamed) flaws that limit it from reaching its true potential").

IGN might give it a very high score, perhaps as high as 9.5 considering all the hype they've been putting it. But I'm not sure if it'll be a honest score anyway.

X-play will give it 4 stars if it's reviewed by Morgan Webb, or 5 stars if it's Adam Sessler.

Gamepro and Gameinformer may be somewhere around a 9. They're not pro-anything, but they didn't get as excited as IGN so they may be the most neutral.

callahan093814d ago

The only prediction I'm willing to venture a guess for is Game Informer. And I'm guessing somewhere in the 8 to 8.75 range from them. When is the last time they gave a PS3 exclusive a 9 or higher? It's been a while, since LittleBigPlanet I think. They were one of the few major mainstream North American publications (perhaps the only one?) that didn't give Killzone 2 at least a 9. I think they'll continue that trend.

Christopher3814d ago

I believe that score was unofficial, which is why the article was unapproved here.

Lifendz3814d ago

he gave uncharted a 9.0. Shows he's not afraid to give a new IP AAA if it deserves it.

Edge will slam it for not letting you wear a cape or change your clothes.

1UP will give it an A if anyone but Garnet Lee reviews. Garnett has this whole thing about trying to make every increment of the grading system matter (see Patapon 2 and an A- for a game he loves).

Ninver3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

With the way ign have been bragging about inFAMOUS i have a feeling they will score it atleast a 9/10. Unless they decide to pull an Uncharted on us lol. They have a tendancy to hype games then sh!t on them when it comes to the reviews.

jack_burt0n3814d ago

edge have already given a negative preview, so its a 5 or 6 but for sure it will score lower than lips and in the movies, i wouldn't wipe my ass with edge magazine as nice as the paper might be.

RememberThe3573814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

That reminds me, I gotta got catch Podcast Beyond.

memots3814d ago

An article about a review ?

Jes*s did we really have sunk that low?

Maybe i should write an article about tomorrow i am gonna get out of bed and go to work. Have lunch at 1 and a meeting at 3. Then ill come home after driving through the freaking Vancouver downtown traffic and have dinner and then ...... Yeah .. real interesting.

Halo3 MLG Pro3814d ago

I'm predicting overall mid 8's. I'll be paying attention to my favorite magazine Game Informer. They're the best.

PirateThom3814d ago

IGN- 9.4
1UP- A-
GT- 91
Gamespot- 80
Eurogamer- 85
Edge - 93

I think Edge will go high because the game is just different enough to set it apart and doesn't have huge amounts of hype behind it.

SL1M DADDY3813d ago

To know that no matter what score these buffoons give it, the game is a blast and is still a day one purchase for me.

FamilyGuy3813d ago

have posted the time of day that it would be uploaded.

The only thing that sucks is that it won't get a 10/10
No game gets a 10/10 anymore, there are just too many things to fault it points for, people even make up bogus points if they really can't find something wrong with a game.

even though this dude is gushing over it we know it won't get above a 9.5 because there's something he called one game on some time ago and if this one has a similar problem it can't be perfect.

This doesn't just go for this review but for all reviews.

Game play/immersion in to the game and how fun it is should be above all else. After all, that's what we buy them for, entertainment...

TomAB3813d ago

clearly u haven't read one of gregs preview of this game

pixelsword3813d ago

I'm still going to buy it(hopefully day one) because it's a great game: if you get the chance to play it, reviews don't count; if you don't play it, then a review (and opinion of people who did play it) does count.

njr3813d ago

It will be your normal score minus a 5 point reduction for being a PS3 exclusive.

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LeonSKennedy4Life3814d ago

IGN will score it high. They've been fair recently.

inFamous will get better reviews than Prototype, but more people will buy Prototype on day 1. Then, inFamous will outsell it throughout their lifetimes...because it's a better product.

That's just how these things work.

Sky Zero3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

Guess we'll be there to verify that in 2013.

But wait, when exactly does it's lifetime END?

swiftshot933814d ago

I was thinking same, but we'll get to see just how powerful the Uncharted franchise is with PS3 owners. More people will buy it day I think...

zoneofenders3814d ago

i bought uncharted last month.............

LeonSKennedy4Life3814d ago

I meant during the periods where they're still selling in large quantities...

Let's give it a year.

kevnb3813d ago

im actually thinking prototype might not even sell that well.

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Unicron3814d ago

I think... I don't care what anyone scores it, I'm picking it up. I mean, after Eurogamer got caught out for their BS, well, IDK why anyone puts ANY stock into review SCORES.

ZuperAmazingCooKie3814d ago

I know Gamespot and Gametrailers got caught with their crap, and that Edge has a huge Ego like most of the no name hipsters out there, but I don't know if Eurogamer has been caught redhanded. That's not to say that they don't have questionable practices, but so far it's not that obvious.

heroicjanitor3814d ago

But maybe I'm wrong and we get to hear of more scandals:)

Unicron3814d ago

Indeed I'm referring to the Darkfall incident. Pretty big BS if you ask me.

va_bank3814d ago

The review is being posted 2 weeks early - means it's going to be a very good score. 9+

dericb113814d ago

"Want even more good news? Not only will you get the written review of Sucker Punch's latest title tomorrow, but you'll also get a video review, superpower montage movie, screens, a handful of videos and some Masterbit love for Insiders."

Just seeing that they are showing off extra stuff and doing it in blow fashion means the game must be 9 to 9+ rating. After playing the demo I really wouldn't care what the rating is since I was completely blown away. If you have $5 put down a pre-order and you will see what I mean.