Norwegian ISP: dig your own fiber trench, save $400

Nate Anderson:
"Lyse has become the largest fiber-to-the-home provider in Norway thanks to an innovative business model that asks customers to preregister before any fiber is dug, then offers them a $400 savings if they dig their own trench from the street to the home. So far, 80 percent of Lyse's customers have broken out the shovels."

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IdleLeeSiuLung3812d ago

Please come to the US, we need you!

Kakkoii3811d ago

If only corporations in America didn't have so much power over everything. The current major ISP's on this continent are really being scrooges with their internet services. And try their best to push out anyone who threatens their business models.

thereapersson3811d ago

Hell if I had the option to do this with my ISP, i'd already be out there with a backhoe and power equipment.