Gears of War 2 content pricing: Microsoft responds to Ars

Ben Kuchera:
"Microsoft's pricing decisions on the retail and download packages for the newest Gears of War 2 content are... interesting. We had some harsh words for the value being offered, but Microsoft has responded to us with their side of the story: newcomers to the game get a good deal, and the online download price is comparable to other content packs. We explore the issue."

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KingKionic 5252d ago

Yeah thats a great deal. Cant wait till july.

lord_of_balrogs5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

I feel a bit betrayed though. I bought both map packs for 800 points a piece, then I find out newcomers get a free $20 value if they buy the retail Dark Corners DLC, while I'm still paying the same price as them for the same thing but without the extra's when I buy it over Live.

KingKionic 5252d ago

Yeah i guess thats true. But at least dark corners is 1600 MSpoints.

5252d ago
All-35252d ago

... Previous map packs for Gears of War, and paying premium prices for the option to get those when they first released or WAITING - and getting them for FREE afterwards?

Same with Resistance map packs... initially they were premium purchases via the PSN store, and later on they were offered up for FREE. Was Sony and Insomniac ripping off the people that bought the map packs when they cost money?

Bnet3435252d ago

I've been with Xbox Live since it first began on Xbox 1, and I have yet to still buy a premium map pack. Trust me guys, maps are not worth it, but in this way of a $20 disc with the maps sounds good.

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GiantEnemyCrab5252d ago

All I got from that was:

"Screw you if you already an existing customer, we are looking for new blood with more $$$$."

What a crap excuse MS! If you were so concerned about value you would break the thing down so someone like me who doesn't give 2 sh*ts about the MP maps can get the campaign without having to pay out the wazoo for crap I don't want or will play.

You are going to fleece the people who have been asking and wanting an expansion on the Single Player.

thebudgetgamer5252d ago

each pack was like 7 or 8$ i got all3 for 15$

ElementX5252d ago (Edited 5252d ago )

Crab since when did you speak out against MS? You were always the 360 fanboy. Sure, I was a 360 fanboy, but I sold my 360 and I post my PSN name, where's yours? Or don't you have a PSN name? Do you just want to talk without showing who you are?

GiantEnemyCrab5252d ago

I favor the 360 but I'm not blindly following whatever MS does.

You missed some epic rants from me on MS then.

Avatars, their 09 lineup, DLC pricing, etc. I've had some real zingers!

I've been trying to get more balanced in my views since the beginning of the year. I bought a PS3 because KZ2 delivered and I said if KZ2 can deliver I can't keep giving Sony sh*t and here we are.

I still defend the 360 here more than PS3 but I'm trying to be fair.

ElementX5252d ago

It's cool. I was a 360 fanboy but sold it when I was strapped for cash. Now I only own a PS3 but sometimes wish I still had the 360. I bet MS will have some killer news at E3. Sony will have some, but I think MS has some serious news up their sleeve. Only time will tell.


there is nothing wrong with being a fan of a system, but still speaking out when the manufacturers do some or go in a direction you don't like.

i own both systems, i also like my 360 more.. i also believe and have always said this whole download exclusive this and that for x amount is not worth it.

I have not bought a single piece of download content for gears 2. For me the game was a big disappointment and i refuse to pay these extortionate amounts so i can add to the crap online ( and no i am not just talking about lag and bugs )

for the most part i hardly buy anything with points. not gamer pics, not themes. most of it is way, way over priced and the only reason they get away charging such amounts for it is because people buy it... and sadly people always will.

only DLC like GTA; L&D i would say is worth it and i would buy.

anyway, thats just my opinion. I agree with GEC, MS and Epic can keep it. I still have not finished the campaign anyway.

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Thoreau5252d ago

the video game industry.

sony, micro, and ninten only want our money.

yugovega5252d ago

but not to this extent. no other company goes this far. yeah maybe 5 or $10 but not 20. it is blatant rip-off

Cock4Gamers5252d ago

that would be the NATURE of all capitalistic enterprises

edhe5252d ago

And here i thought they wanted us to make them sandwiches, sing them songs and maybe, just maybe, defile their daughters.

Ooops no.. a business that wants your money. Whodathunkit?

I'll be renting/getting gears2 for the new coop in this pack. Will see what more cheevs come along to see if i can scrub up some more gamerscore from the mp maps like the other ones.

Not liking how they randomly screw my gs % with achievement increases.

JeffGUNZ5252d ago

how is 20 dollars a rip off? you get SEVEN NEW maps and a new chapter, that's standard, do the math. 8 new maps would run you 1600 at the cheapest. You are getting 7 new maps and a NEW CHAPTER, that's spot on. Would you rather they stop adding new things to the game, so you play the same old maps and the game gets real dull? I think it's funny how people expect everything to be free. The game was 60 dollars, and all this new content you think should be free or cheap? Come on people, it's all optional, if you want it, buy it, if not, don't. For all the people who enjoy gears of war 2, this is a great thing, to other people that just hate xbox, it's fuel to the fire.

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-MD-5252d ago

Gears of War 2 sucked only to those without a 360. Those of us lucky enough to own one enjoyed it.

KingKionic 5252d ago

Well 20 bucks would be a deal... let me see

combustible maps : 800 ponis

snowblind maps : 800ms points

flashback: free(gold editon) or 400 points

Now the new version

Dark corners 1600

Yeah the 19.99$ is a better value.

well at least it wasnt a outrageous price for dark corners.