Are you Scared?

An article that dives into the Survival Horror genre, and how people perceive it.

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DrRobotnik3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

I think my first truly survival horror experience would have to be Silent hill one. Resident evil one did give me jumps now and again,but SH....I could not play that game in the house at night,Alone. The way it grabs you and pulls you in, is not just the fact of the fleshly aberration chasing you in the dark, or the random sounds and ever changing rooms.What grabs you is the fact that the main character was just and ordinary person. He couldn't run right, always ran out of breath, clumsy in fearful situations, weapons was anything you could grab your freaking hands on. Ether it was a pipe or a golf club. The point was, this was no specially trained killer you were playing.........this was you.

Bob Dole3814d ago

Bob Dole got scared playing Doom when he was a kid... does that count? Those demons were scawwy...