Vote For G4's E3 Booth Babe

G4TV writes:

E3 is coming up fast, and this year they're bringing back the booth babe, much to our tremendous joy. G4 is also getting into the act, casting a truly bodacious babe to beautify our broadcast bungalow.

So, we've rounded up some very, very sexy young females, and, since we know you'll love helping us choose, we're allowing you to vote for your favorite hotties.

Go to our E3 2009 Booth Babe Contenders photo gallery, and check out the wondrous women posted there. Rate their pictures, and help us make what is likely the year's toughest decision!

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qface643814d ago

so what's this article about i uh was looking at something else xD

KionicWarlord2223814d ago

uhh, about voting for butts..i mean boobs.,..dammnit i mean women..booth babes.

EYEamNUMBER13814d ago

im rather curious to see the face that goes with that now

Ninver3813d ago

Man i hate broads with no a$$. Most of them girls are so skinny you can start a fire just by rubbing against their bones lol. I'll stay with my phat a$$ed pornstars thank you very much.

Yeah yeah what ever. That is why i'm called *insert name here*

Raul_73813d ago

#1: 10

#2: 3

#3: 5

#4: 8

#5: 5

#6: 9 (maybe 10 with a better quality pic).

#7: 5

#8: 4

#9: 7

#10: 4

FamilyGuy3813d ago

1, 4 and 8 stood out the most

blackpanther253813d ago

yeah they should get buffy the body as a booth babe.
E3 would explode if they got her

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M337ING3814d ago

The first one wins by a mile. Dayum, girl.

40cal3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

But I gave a 10 too #1 Kelly, #4 Sara, and #9 Candice. Either way E3 attendees are in for some beautiful scenery.

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The story is too old to be commented.