The Best Console Redesigns of all Time

Good things come to those who wait. Need proof? These redesigns made early adopters weep. Where will the Xbox 360 Elite rank?

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kewlkat0074755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

I wouldn't call the elite a visual re-design. It looks the same except for the colors.(not counting extra ports), thats a hardware re-design. But the black and Green goes well..

The best SNES design was the Japanese and the EU version. They re-designed that big hunka for the US.

vidoardes4755d ago

I can't belive I havn't seen that NES before... did it ever make it's way to Europe? Blowing the cartridges and hitting it repeatedly was half the fun, made you feel like you earn't the right to play the game... right?

Merovee4755d ago (Edited 4755d ago )

Using the Black and Chrome color scheme, adding a bigger HDD, and HDMI makes it a more desirable machine according to

Well I hate to encourage the fanboy wars on any further, as it irritating as hell, but it's just too easy..... tooooo easy:

See Bill, all you had to do to make one of your systems desirable was make it more like a Sony product. J/K.... it is better looking now though nice rank.

Armyless4755d ago

I have to keep buying power supplies for my Vic-20. Is anyone else having issues with their Vic-20 power supplies? I'm pissed.