Square Enix's new strategy game - What becomes of Alan when only the hills and rivers remain?

Anoop Gantayat of andriasang writes:
"Hills and Rivers Remain is the name of Square Enix's latest mobile offering. Available as of yesterday on iMode, this real time strategy game has you expand forces over a map, taking over fortification points that can be used to build your armies, and wiping out all enemies.

The game promises extremely simple commands: send out troops, and move your main base. However, as you're forced to deal with special features of the maps and the movements of your enemy troops, and also have access to items that can turn the course of the battle around in an instant, there is apparently plenty of room for a deeply strategic experience."

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Sarick3814d ago (Edited 3814d ago )

New Ip's new investments new new new.

Seems like SE is expanding to fast and looking more desperate every day.

Starting to remind me of this video.

Christopher3813d ago

Aye, luckily I think we're at a point where the only people really hurt by this will be those at SE.

Sarick3813d ago (Edited 3813d ago )

It's just becoming hard to keep up with what's going on with them. They seem to be headed for a train wreck with all that's going on.

In that video Atari over estimated profits etc and, it bit them in the arse. Will SE make the same mistake no one knows. When Atari made more copies of a game then consoles they too thought they'd be rolling in doe and made good investments. Just like when Square put most of the company into Final Fantasy Spirts Within and it flopped. The company went bankrupt and if not for a bailout there wouldn't be a SE today.

GameGambits3813d ago

Meh it's just a phone game. SE has these phone app mini game projects they do often. Even Xbox Live and PSN have some Final Fantasy mini game stuff you can do.

I'm thinking the cost to develop this games is very low. Low enough so whoever does buy them ends up giving them a profit enough to afford flops like Infinite Undiscovery. :)