Lost Planet 2 - New screenshots & artwork

Capcom published some new screenshots and artwork from Lost Planet 2.

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Spike473809d ago

they seem to be on par with Gears of War 2 if not slightly better.
Hopefully the gameplay has improved a lot from the first one.

Gamer_Politics3809d ago

lost planet 2 will have the same crappy gameplay as the first one...i dont think this title will be anything special

I did not murder him3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

On par with gears if not slightly better LMAO.

The game is a freaking complete step further than gears 2.

Its not just gears but all console games on all consoles.

I guess you can get this on PC when it launches oh wait ;)

ShabzS3808d ago

dude lp2's graphics look better than gears..

thereapersson3808d ago

LOL, it looks damn good, but you have to be kidding us all with stupid comments like that.

KKanjiAnkh3808d ago

I'd rather play this over Bionic Commando, anyday.

I did not murder him3808d ago

The Multi player in Bionic Commando is garbage its obvious you're saying that because you are angry and thats what counts. Multi player is the best thing about Lost Planet. Have you played the Bionic Commando demo? I have not checked to see if its on PSN yet. I don't turn on my PS3 that much only on Thursdays unless I order Netflix movies I keep getting server errors on PS3 anyways so I can't sign in half the time.


well, i am prob one of the few, but personally i think gears 2 visuals were a bit overrated. they were really, I know on a tech level they had a lot going for them.. but i am not a tech head type of guy. I like to just take a step back and take a look at the over feel, look and atmosphere in a game, and i can think of a few games ( some of them multiplat ) in 2008 that i think looked better then gears 2.

I think LP2 looks a lot better and i am one of the few people i guess that really enjoyed the single player in last planet. I actually finished the game on the hardest setting ( before the noob update )

really looking forward to no 2.

green3808d ago

Graphically, LP2 sh*ts all over Gears 2.Are you guys seeing the grass?simply amazing.

@Dark Witness: Its not only you, i really liked LP and i am looking forward to LP2 a lot.

OmarJA3808d ago

The weapon models & ground's textures looks like a joke, not to mention the 2D bad textured grass.

KKanjiAnkh3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

!!!!!Metal Gear Alert Noise!!!!!

Obvious, I'm sorry I didn't join the lame game brigade, no hidden jabs, I hate to be bearer of bad news, but Boinic Commando screams cheeztoes. I'd rather play w/ friends on-line in LP2, w/comradery, than swing around w/some dreadlocked Dbag, trying to stop some stupid terroist plot. I have six systems, I play faithfully, and all have their strenghts and weaknesses. I did not play the demo, but could instantly tell it was trash, and who wouldn't want to destroy big @$$, creatures w/mechs, and friends. I'm not angry at all tbh, I just look at bad projects at what they could of been, and crack up bad cause people believe the money made, and review scores means good game.

Edit: I know you weren't trying to be rude, thnx

I did not murder him3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

!!!!!Denail Alert noise!!!!!

You came in here to bash it, you'd rather play other games in a Lost Planet Post is irrelevant.

Example. If go in a Killzone 2 post and say I'd rather play *Fear* that will be seen as a slam because its irrelevant.

KKanjiAnkh3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

No I'd rather play LP2, than $***** BC which I blatantly said, what part did you not get.

The F***in point is I'd rather play a better Capcom game than 1 I think will be an utter nightmare.

This what I don't get, who the f***, was even talking about Fear or Killzone 2, matter of fact, I really can't stand FPS. Uh Oh, the $h!t, gets deeper. As much as you talk trash about the PS3, not only did I not say LP2, looks like trash, I didn't even mention crap about timed exclusivity. You sir are overly sensitive, and can't see when someone was giving the game props. I guess I should just say F LP2 now, because it doesn't look fun at all.

Edit: F*** all the cool games, and play the bad ones, yes SouthPeak here I come.

I did not murder him3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Holly sh*t I apologize WoW I got carried away I'v been getting attacked so much I glance comments under mine fearing they're attacks. I'm deeply sorry. How did I miss "this over" I didn't read you other posts after that.

Thats really a big f*ck up on my part the PS3 fans are starting to increasingly attack me and now I skim their comments when they reply because they're rabid and personal. I guess I skimmed your comment assuming it was a rabid PS3 fanboy.

mastiffchild3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

I think our friend with the Will Smith obsession(how?why?)reads what he thinks is there without any real cognisance of the actual words.

The failure to know what other posters have said really hurts his arguments-and, honestly, when it's arguments you're after(and he definitely is)that's a pretty weak starting point for being taken seriously.

LP2 looks much sharper than the first game but we've yet to see anything that we know isn't running on high end PCs and while I'd love it to be good(I really tried to love the first as everything should have been there for a great game)I have sero faith in Capcom to make a decent game right now-DMC4, RE5, SF4-all weaker than the previous entries in the series and both the first DR and LP were underwhelming even though the ideas were fantastic. I'm just waiting to see this time as Capcom have stung me too many times this generation on every platform for them to get my trust like they did previous generations.

Edit: Sorry I did not..-it seems you started to read! Honestly-if you think you keep getting attacked just think why. It does come over like you want the skuffles tbh.

I did not murder him3808d ago (Edited 3808d ago )

Thats the first time that happend don't try to paint my whole character with this one misunderstanding. It's obvious you have motive for typing all that and have some sort of vendetta.

I'm attacked because this site has about 200 more fanatical PS3 fanboys on here then any other console fans. Don't play the naive game so that you can take jabs at me.

" Our demo was run on PCs, though the team told us it was running on Xbox 360s back in the studio. Takeuchi told the group, "Right now we are concentrating on development for 360,"

EDIT. Below. Yes games are developed on PC with console dev kits. Even on PS3 most early footage is shown from the build on PC desinged for the console its for lol.

FamilyGuy3808d ago

" Our demo was run on PCs, though the team told us it was running on Xbox 360s back in the studio"

You know what, nevermind.

This game is looking beautiful AND fun. I hope it releases on the PC and PS3 as well as the 360. I generally looks like it's going to be a great game.

zaz123808d ago

2650x1440!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bullshots!!!!!!!!!!1

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FamilyGuy3808d ago

It had a 6.6 so it could only go up right?
I want this game for PS3, it looks good, nothing else in the 360 roster has me more interested than this title.

It just looks like a good and fun game, where's as the first one did NOT look like a good OR fun game. Fighting in the winter/snow looks boring/is sleep inducing.

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