Risen: Should It Bother Rising? When Game Trailers Confuse More Than Excite

Beth Sasagi of OXCGN writes:

"If you are looking for an exciting game set on a mysterious island, infested with all manner of strange creatures and a captivating story that draws you in, do not bother watching the trailer to Risen. Being brought to you by Pirahna Bytes and Deep Silver."

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Uncle Rico3807d ago

I agree that the trailer did seem very unappealing. Just watching some slide through scenery...mehh. Maybe if the graphics were super awesome...but this is not the case...

Superfragilistic3806d ago

What I don't get is they all look like tech demo fly throughs and always end with those two Fable 2 like-Hobbe ripoffs round a camp fire accompanied by that ultra serious gruff voice actor saying "RISEN!"

RememberThe3573806d ago

I want this game right now!

gaminoz3807d ago

Yeah that trailer made very little sense. I'm all for trailers that give you the WTF (like Mass Effect 2) but it needs to entice you more than that one did.

I hope the game turns out good though as a lot of these sorts of games seem to be falling down the wayside (like the console version of Witcher).

Medieval Carribean? Weird.

XboxOZ3603807d ago

Yes, when I spotted it it just looked right out of place when placed with other new titles - both released and to be released.

It's as if someone forgot to tell the developers we've moved on from "last-gen" . . . Usually European developers are out in the front in that regard. But this one doesn't seem to be the case.

free2game3653807d ago

what looks "last gen" about that? Compared to Oblivion that's a lot better looking.

Uncle Rico3807d ago

I wouldnt say it looks last gen but it's not like CryEngine eyecandy etc.

Immortal Kaim3807d ago

The still images actually look quite good, too bad the trailers are horrible...

I did not murder him3806d ago (Edited 3806d ago )

Actually even the parts of trailer with no motion from the camera pan look great. Its the Panning of the camera that looks ugly not the graphics. Theres nothing last gen about this game. Gears of War 2 and many other games also looks like sh*t when the devs make unnatural camera flybys because thats not the way the console and engine is suppose to process the data from the game. You can see it in the trailer when the camera pan stops the game looks great.

Sorla133807d ago

all the charcters look identical, hehe, that guard looks kinda constiated hehe

gaminoz3807d ago

Yeah constipation is so last gen....he he. Max Payne!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.