Game Gadgets: FragFX v2 Review

From That Aussie Game Site: "Today is a very special day, today I give you the first ever official Game Gadgets Review. Would you like to know the best part? I was lucky enough to review an awesome product that I have mentioned previously, the Split Fish Frag Fx v2. A controller that could break down the walls between console and PC gamers. Read on to see if it's worth your money and how to get a hold of one."

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Kleptic3812d ago

pretty much everyone that uses these things loves them...there was a 'fragfx' server in killzone 2 last week too...and I played in it without one...

I have no way of knowing who exactly was actually using one...but some, through headset chatter, definitely were...but I didn't notice anyone overpowering anyone else...I know the build of this thing is supposed to be great...but does it really make a big difference?...killzone 2 is regarded as one of the toughest games to control right now, where as something like cod absolutely does not need any can smoothly use PC like speeds with cod 4 on a DS3...but killzone 2 is definitely a bit more wonky when the speeds get higher...does this really do anything?...

Lawrst3812d ago

Yes to a point it does, Killzone 2 is a console only shooter, its been designed to work best with consoles. Killzone 2 was a game i felt it didnt make as big of a difference as others.

A game such as COD 4 it makes a BIG! difference.

If you read the review ;) there is a Frag button that is great for snipers. But if you are used to a mouse then yes it makes a big difference for all games.