Gamer Limit: inFamous Demo Impressions

Gamer Limit writes, "inFamous is an upcoming game developed by Sucker Punch Productions (Creators of the Sly Cooper franchise), the game is a 3rd person sandbox game in which you control a character name Cole McGrath (Bike messenger and resident of "Empire City"). inFamous combines games like City of Heroes and Grand Theft Auto, creating an open ended superhero game world, allowing for the player to choose the path of the hero or antihero. Enough though, I'm sure you're all dying to know how the game plays out, hit the jump for the chills and thrills."

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Cloud-14093807d ago

Freaking amazing game. So much fun just blasting Reapers with the grenades. =D

Fullish3807d ago

First game that has made me slightly want a PS3.

Too_Hyped3807d ago

yeah, sure MGS4, LBP, Valkyria Chronicles, Killzone 2 and 30+ AA+ exclusives didn't do the trick.

Fanboyism for the win.

chrisjc3807d ago

I hope this is as good as Prototype looks, I may have to get them both.

Spike473807d ago

have you ever heard of Metal Gear Solid 4? Maybe Uncharted or Killzone 2? I heard LBP was very entertaining.

I know I know, MGS4 is a movie( although some of you would gladly have it on the xbox360), Uncharted is just....meh, and Killzone 2 is a flop in teh saleszz!!

LOL, maybe if we look at the game itself instead of the company or console we can appreciate them more.

Light Yagami3807d ago

"LOL, maybe if we look at the game itself instead of the company or console we can appreciate them more."

Speak for yourself sony fanboy. Ever thought those games don't interest him?

xabmol3807d ago

I just moved and am STILL waiting for a check in the mail before I can get the internet hooked up here. >.<

I got the Demo Code, but only have a weak WiFi that I'm leach off a neighbor. I've moved my PS3 all over my living room just trying to get a signal and download this! =[

Is there a way to boost my PS3's WiFi range?!

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